A recent report from the Region of Peel has revealed that about half of the garbage from Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon residents placed at the curb is actually meant for blue and green bins.

The report states that about 30 per cent of the garbage picked up at the curb is food waste that should be placed in green organic waste bins. About 15 per cent is recyclable items that should be placed in blue bins and 11 per cent of it is yard waste, tissues and other items that can also go into green bins.

The Region of Peel has been running programs to educate the public about what items should be placed where in order to reduce waste in local landfills.

Despite this, a disproportionate amount of waste isn’t being disposed of properly.

Currently, the region diverts 50 per cent of its waste from landfills and is working towards a lofty goal of diverting 75 per cent by 2034.

Some o the misrecycled waste also includes electronics, batteries and other items that shouldn’t be placed in the trash or at the curb, but taken to local recycling centres instead.

Region of Peel has an interactive website that lists hundreds of items and how to properly recycle them. Check it out here.