Happily Ever Aftr: A Comic Creation from Brampton’s Ricky Lima

Brampton Creator Shoots Past Kickstarter Goal

Brampton comic book creator Ricky Lima has teamed up with UK artist Nicolas Londeix, as well as Brampton cover illustrator Jenn St. Onge, to create the comic Happily Ever Aftr. The Kickstarter for printing and distribution expenses already barreled past its initial goal, and it still has 17 days to go (as of this writing). It also made the “Projects We Love” section on Kickstarter, which is completely awesome!

So what’s the deal? Happily Ever Aftr is a about a kidnapped princess who uses a dating app to find knights to rescue her. “It’s a fun story about love, and relationships,” says Ricky. “I really wanted to explore how we love and how we relate to each other romantically. I try to create a world that explores all different kinds of love and treats them all equally.”

The Brampton Factor

Ricky Lima has other comic projects as well, such as Black Hole Hunters Club with Shane Heron, and Deep Sea, with D.A. Bishop. He’s been doing it all from right here in Brampton, and is even well-connected to local legend comic book shop Stadium Comics. Bramptonist asked Ricky what he thinks about Brampton and how its culture has evolved so far in his lifetime:

“The exciting thing about Brampton is that it’s changing. Growing up I never felt like anything was happening here, but now there are a bunch of really cool and driven people making things happen. It’s inspiring to see. I want to see this trend continue and see Brampton become a hub for critical thinkers and innovative doers.”

That’s what we’re after, too, Ricky!

Don’t Miss Out on Happily Ever Aftr

Check out the Happily Ever Aftr Kickstarter. Give it some support and help keep creative projects happening at home in B-Town.

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