The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project (HuLRT) has released a high-level outline for the construction of the upcoming new transit route that will go from Port Credit GO Station in Mississauga to Brampton Gateway Terminal at Steeles and Hurontario.

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After nine years of public meetings and community outreach in Brampton and Mississauga, the HuLRT project will be separating its schedule into six sections. Each section will have its own separate activities and timelines.

Mobilinx, Metrolinx’s construction consortium, will be handling construction in the coming months. Mobilinx has started to survey the corridor and will thoroughly look at the underground conditions and utilities into the spring season. With Metrolinx handling almost all utility relocations, construction is set to begin this summer.

Medians from the centre of Hurontario Street will be removed which will allow Mobilinx to change traffic lanes east and west of the construction along the physical base supporting the route. Metrolinx says this major change will ease traffic flow and make way for the HuLRT systems guideway.

Bramptonians are not projected to be affected by construction delays until about April of this year, when the first segments of median removals start near the border of Missisauga and Brampton. Those removals will continue until about October 2020.

Next will be utility and roadworks, which will span across various segments of road from around September of this year to May of 2022.

The final stage, the LRT guideway construction, will run in segments from about July 2021 to January 2023.

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