For those who may or may not remember, there was a proposal made back in 2010 to build a mega mall in Northwest Brampton.

For those wondering as to what has been going on lately, the developer still has plans to build the 1.2 million-square-foot shopping mall.

For those who aren’t sure what we’re talking about, back in 2010, Toronto based developer Osmington Inc. applied for a zoning change to build the mall at Bovaird Drive and Mississauga Road.

Morguard Corporation decided to block the proposal for development because they felt the area’s retail sector couldn’t support it. By 2016, the Ontario Municipal Board decided to let Osmington Inc. go forward with its plan to build the mega mall in their planned area.

Unfortunately, Osmington Inc. still needed municipal and regional approval to move forward with their plans. Osmington Inc. filed another appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board in order to get the project going and not have it delayed any longer.

The proposed mega mall is supposed to include a movie theatre, office buildings, plenty of retail spaces and is projected to create 4,600 jobs.

Christian Kieller, development manager of Osmington Inc., has stated that the appeal is still with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and that the mega mall will be built soon.

Only time will tell what “soon” means for this project.