It’s a sign you’ve reached the epitome of technology when with a few taps on a smartphone you can have a Big Mac or ice cream delivered to your door in 20 minutes.

As it turns out, food delivery is becoming quite the thing in Brampton. You can even get movie popcorn and snacks delivered to you. It used to be a farfetched idea, but when you’re having a night in or you’re too busy binge-watching Netflix to leave the house, ice cream delivery is just about the best thing ever.

There are a few ways to get ice cream delivered to you. Baskin Robbins offers delivery through SkipTheDishes and UberEats. You have the option to order some of their popular ice cream flavours, their totally delicious dessert pizzas and even full cakes (We aren’t judging).

The second option for ice cream delivery is trusty old McDonald’s. They have an exclusive delivery deal with UberEats so you won’t find them anywhere but there. You have the option to have their McFlurries, sundaes, and milkshakes delivered through the app.

Both Baskin Robbins and McDonald’s have 20 to 30 minute delivery times on UberEats, so ice cream can be at your door in a flash. It’s especially convenient if you’re feeding a crowd or need an ice cream cake on the fly.

So go on, treat yourself to some delicious ice cream!