This weekend is sure to see the night sky come alive in an explosion of light and colour, as Diwali observers set off their fireworks during the annual festival of lights.

These celebratory explosives are a special class of waste, so Peel Region is reminding residents of how used fireworks should be handled.

The Region of Peel has provided residents of Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon an outline for safely disposing of fireworks after you set them off. For full information visit Peel’s webpage, but here are the highlights:

  • Fireworks contain highly explosive and flammable substances, so immediately after use immerse them in a bucket of water and leave them to soak thoroughly overnight. Drain the water and then put the used fireworks in the garbage.
  • Used fireworks should only go into the regular garbage, not into recycling or organics.
  • If your garbage bin is already full, appropriately tag your bag of used fireworks and leave it out for curbside pickup on garbage day, as garbage bags without tags will not be collected.

Residents can check their waste collection calendar and sign-up to receive weekly collection reminders by e-mail, text message, or phone call.

Some important notes from the Region of Peel:

Residents and their friends and family should enjoy fireworks with responsibility and caution, while being mindful of other residents and pets as bystanders.

Take extra caution with fireworks that malfunction. They may misfire, have a delayed ignition, or fail to ascend which can cause an explosion on the ground instead safely away in the sky. Keep away a safe distance for an extended period and then approach with caution. For fireworks that end up failing to ignite, dispose of them the same way as recommended for used fireworks.