Jack-o-lanterns are cool and all, but what do you do with them once Halloween is over? Here are a few ideas for getting rid of your pumpkins in an environmentally friendly way.

The Great Pumpkin Party

This is by far the most fun way to dispose of your pumpkin. Every year the City of Brampton hosts the Great Pumpkin Party. Bring your pumpkin down to Garden Square in downtown Brampton on November 1 between 6 and 8 p.m. for a chance to light it up one last time before it goes to pumpkin heaven. The pumpkins are all displayed lit and there’s also live entertainment, cookie decorating and other activities. At the end of it all, you get to see the pumpkins smashed and prepared for compost.

Put it in your organics cart

This is probably the easiest way to dispose of your pumpkin. Just remove the candle and wax, chop up the pumpkin, and put it in your green organics waste cart. Candles aren’t allowed in organics waste so you’ll have to throw that in the garbage.

Put it in with the yard waste

You may need to rake the leaves in the near future and you’re actually allowed to put your pumpkin in with the rest of your yard waste. Just remove the wax, then chop the pumpkin up and place it into a kraft paper yard waste bag and put it at the curb.