According to a 2019 Liveability Index sponsored by RE/MAX, out of all the cities in the province of Ontario, Brampton has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Canada. On a scale from highest to lowest in terms of liveability factors, Brampton ranked high in several categories.

Categories Brampton ranked high in:

  • Availability of work/access to employment opportunities
  • Availability of public transport
  • Access to green spaces and parks
  • Availability of big and small retail stores
  • Economic Development
  • Population Growth
  • Easy access to bike lanes/walking path

Brampton ranked medium in only 4 categories:

  • Number of top rated/preferred schools
  • Housing supply
  • Housing affordability
  • Access to healthcare facilities

It might come as a surprise to some that Brampton didn’t rank low in any category as compared to some of the other cities on the index. Looks like things are looking up for B-Town yet again.

To see the full 2019 Liveability Index, click here.