Pet owners dread the day their beloved cat or dog ever goes missing, and it can happen even with the most well-trained pet. If that happens, a license is the best way to get your pet home quickly and safely.

Licensing and microchipping cats and dogs are required through Brampton’s Animal Control by-law, but it’s a step pet owners often neglect. It turns out that licensing is important for a bunch of reasons, though.

If your cat or dog gets lost and is found by others, their licensing shows that they are not homeless, and that they belong to you.

Having a license makes it easy for anyone who finds your pet to contact you, which is especially important should your pet be injured.

If a licensed pet comes into a shelter, Brampton Animal Services can get it back to its owner quickly, ensuring it spends less time in the shelter and minimizes the stress of the situation.

Licensing and microchipping costs anywhere from $5 to $40 depending on the type of pet you have. It can be done by visiting a bunch of different locations across Brampton. Find out more here. You can also call 905.458.5800 or email