With extreme cold temperatures and snowfall in the weekend forecast for Brampton, the city is reminding each and every resident that being winter-ready is a team effort.

Winter Operations:

  • Crews will be prepared to have all roads, sidewalks, transit stops, crosswalks and recreational trails maintained within 24 hours after snowfall.
  • Brampton City Council has approved enhancements to the city’s winter operations such as increasing service levels on local roads from 7.5 cm accumulation to 5.0 cm, meaning crews will dispatch sooner during a winter weather event.
  • See what roads and sidewalks crews have cleared using the city’s plow tracker.

Reminders to Residents:

  • Clear sidewalks of ice, snow, and slush by 11 am the day after a snowfall.
  • Parking on streets is not permitted and will be enforced during winter weather events. Please move vehicles to ensure plows and emergency vehicles can safely pass by.
  •  Even if you have a street parking permit, it is not valid during a snowfall.
  •  Don’t let your vehicle block the sidewalk or overhang on the street. Move your car to your driveway or park horizontally in the area between your sidewalk and the roadway, if available.
  •  If more than 24 hours has passed since the end of snowfall and your street still requires attention, let the City know by contacting 311 by phone or online at www.311brampton.ca.  
  • Snow removal financial assistance is available to eligible seniors and residents living with disabilities. Learn more here.
  • During extreme cold weather take extra safety precautions if going outside, like lots of layers and staying dry. For a full list of safety tips, head here.
  • For recreation schedule updates on registered classes and drop-in programs, please contact your local recreation centre or visit www.brampton.ca/recreation.
  • For updates on Gage Park Skating Trail, Chinguacousy Park Skating Trail, Gore Meadows Skating Rink, and Mount Pleasant Outdoor Skating Rink, visit www.brampton.ca/skating.
  • Some Brampton Transit routes may affected by the weather conditions. For updates, please follow @BramptonTransit on Twitter or call 905.874.2999.

For more snow clearing updates and information:

  • Contact 311 by phone, email, or on the new Brampton 311 mobile app (available in on Google Play and the App Store) and website for urgent situations regarding winter operations.