September 26, 2022

Special Contribution From: Akanksha Panda, Harsimranjit Kaur, and Prithika Vishnubala

(Photo: From Left to Right – Nina Olivera, Gunpreet Heir, Mayor Patrick Brown and his son Theodore, Prithika Vishnubala and Karan Chatha)

Established only two years ago, in 2020, by Gunpreet Heir, Together With Art continues to make significant strides in changing how the Arts are perceived. Together With Art is an art-based organization hoping to unite individuals in the Peel community through all art mediums.

Together With Art’s most recent initiatives were their vendor booths at Brampton’s Farmers’ Market on June 18, 2022, and August 13th, 2022. Thanks to the Brampton organization, ACCIDA, the excitement-filled day consisted of showcasing local youth artwork and their voices.

Left to Right: Gunpreet Heir, Prisha Desai, Rhythm Chawla, Nina Olivera, Kavya Piraba, and Sahil Dullet. (June 18, 2022)

A lot of thought, creativity, and hard work was required from the Together With Art team to prepare for both successful booth days. These efforts included recruiting over 20 youth artists and gathering their artwork. On the vending days, team members arrived early, around 6:30 AM, to set up. Throughout the day, members spoke with Brampton citizens on the importance of recognizing and supporting high school artists. Brampton Mayor, Patrick Brown, also dropped in and supported these aspiring individuals!

The booth was a fulfilling experience for the community and the Together With Art team. Nina Olivera, a dedicated volunteer and Outreach Executive of the team stated “The booth was really fun! Everyone we talked to was interested and supportive of our cause. It was refreshing to experience firsthand just how kind and friendly our community is”.

With optimism for the future, Karan Chatha, secretary of the organization, stated “It was so fulfilling to see students across Peel have their artwork exposed to the community. It gives me hope to see youth are passionate about having their artwork seen, and citizens of Peel are equally as attentive to their ambition.” Gunpreet Heir, founder of Together With Art sums up the day; “It was an unreal experience.”

From Left to Right: Karan Chatha, Nina Olivera, Gunpreet Heir, Harsimran Kalsi, Sukeerat Kaur, Parmjot Chahal, and Prithika Vishnubala (August 13, 2022)

Together With Art’s booth on both days had a vital impact; it connected the community using art. Approximately $750 worth of artwork was sold on both days, with ~$450 paid to artists in commission.  This includes over 35 pieces of digital art, paintings, short stories, and poems. Also, the organization raised awareness of the necessity to provide youth with a platform to showcase their passions with 500+ visitors.

With hard work and commitment, the booths were a success.

If you missed it, don’t worry. Together With Art is having another booth at Brampton’s Winter Market (partnered with ACCIDA) on November 19th, 2022. The organization will showcase more artwork and fun experiences so be sure to visit!