Kickstarter Gold is a special program run by Kickstarter which consists of 63 projects hand-chosen by the company in which its favourite creators were invited to come back with a second project.

These 63 creators, among them Brampton’s Ricky Lima, were chosen from among the 360,000 projects ever hosted by Kickstarter, so this is a big deal!

Lima has been making comics for about five years now. Born and raised in Brampton, he hosts a number of comic-related activities in Brampton, such as classes and panels at PAMA and running the Brampton Comic Jam at Beaux Arts Brampton the last Thursday of every month.

The project chosen by Kickstarter is the complete graphic novel based on Lima’s 2016 comic (illustrated by UK artist Nicolas Londeix) Happily Ever Aftr. It’s about a kidnapped princess who uses a dating app to find rescuers. Her captor, also a woman, has to come to terms with her sexuality after experiencing her father’s disapproval over kidnapping not a groom, but a bride. If you’re hot to know more, you can check out this video.

What kinds of project are the other 62 people? They include a 3D-printing pen, an animated short about first black female pilot Bessie Blackman, and the astoundingly successful coding without screens for kids project, Cubetto.

Read the first issue of Happily Ever Aftr here for free. If you are interested, you can also support Lima’s Kickstarter Gold project by clicking here.