Most drivers grudgingly put up with the 407 ETR’s expensive rates for the convenience and lack of congestion, but it’s about to hit your wallet even harder this year.

Starting February 1 rates are increasing by as much as 25 per cent depending on where you’re travelling and at the time of day.

Travelling on the 407 in zone 2, which is between the 427 and Hurontario is now going to cost as much as 54 cents per kilometre in morning and afternoon peak hours. That’s about a 25 per cent increase. Other nearby zones are seeing increases of 14 per cent and higher.

The company is also is also upping the charge for Annual Transponder leases to $24.50 from $23.50 and the camera charge for light vehicle customers without a transponder to $4.20.

The company says it had plans to increase fees a year ago but decided not to. “2018 was a year of major investment, as 407 ETR added a new lane in each direction at the east end of the roadway, added new bridge structures, resurfaced many kilometres of existing asphalt and concrete lanes,” the company said in a statement.

But 2018 was also steeped in controversy for the 407 after a massive data breach of customer information may have involved a former Brampton PC candidate. Back in early 2018 local candidate in Brampton East, Simar Sandhu, resigned after the 407 ETR announced it would be investigating an internal data breach affecting 60,000 customers. Sandhu was an employee with the company at the time.

The changes will affect the 1.4 million customers who own transponders as well as the millions who use the highway each year.

A few things will stay the same though. The Monthly Transponder Lease Fee will remain the same at $3.95, as well as the Monthly Video Account Fee ($3.95) and the Trip Toll charge for light vehicles ($1.00).