Brampton residents have the highest premiums in the province, paying about $2,392 per year — a whopping 65 per cent higher than the provincial average. Rates just keep rising, so it’s no surprise it’s a hot-button topic this election. It’s also not surprising that the three major parties have made this a part of the conversation during stops in Brampton. Here’s a breakdown of what each party has promised (so far) to deal with the rising insurance premiums in the city.


Back in 2013, the Liberals promised to lower auto insurance rates in the province by 15 per cent, supporting a motion tabled by the NDP. Even though the promise was made, the Liberals never delivered. But just a couple of weeks ago, Brampton candidates gathered to announce that if elected, they would lower car insurance rates by removing stipulations around postal codes.


Since the Liberals never delivered on the 15 per cent reduction as promised in their Fair Auto Insurance Plan, the NDP is promising to cut premiums by 15 per cent if elected.

Ontario PCs  

The Ontario PCs still don’t have an official platform after Ford scrapped his predecessor, Patrick Brown’s plans. In the previous platform, the party promised to end ‘geographic discrimination’ by not allowing insurance companies to raise premiums for areas with low rates. Ford hasn’t mentioned this previous promise, but he has said the party will crack down on those defrauding the system and uninsured drivers to help reduce the cost for responsible drivers.