The City of Brampton accepts requests for parking considerations that will allow residents to park on city streets for up to 14 days each calendar year, per vehicle license plate.

Parking Consideration will allow drivers to have their vehicles parked in excess of up to three hours and/or overnight. It will also let large vehicles designed for recreational use to park on the street.

However, a parking consideration will not prevent drivers from getting a ticket for obstructing snow clearing or road maintenance operations. Any drivers that do so will have their vehicle tagged or towed away even if they have a consideration.

The city will not allow large motor vehicles with an overall greater height of more than 2.6 metres or an overall greater length of more than 6.7 metres to be parked on the street. Even if the driver has a parking consideration, it can not be used for those types of vehicles.

For large recreational vehicles such as motor homes and towing trailers with a recreational vehicle, drivers must obtain a parking consideration first before the vehicle is parked on the street. Detached trailers that are parked on the street are not valid for a parking consideration and will be ticketed.

Vehicles that are inoperative, immobile and unlicensed are strictly prohibited from parking. If your vehicle can not be safely operated or does not have current and valid license plates, your consideration will not be put into effect.

To obtain a parking consideration, click here. You have to fill in all fields. For more information, call the Enforcement Division at 905-874-2404 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday or 905-458-3424 after hours.