Is there a more adventurous winter sport than ice climbing? If you’re looking to get a serious adrenaline rush while you try something unique this winter, climbing up an icy snow-covered waterfall may be exactly the thing for you.

Ice climbing is just the right mix of adventure heart-pumping physical activity coupled with beautiful scenery. Thankfully there are a couple of spots near Brampton where you can try it out.

Tiffany Falls

Hamilton-area spot Tiffany Falls is approved for ice climbing and you can try it one of two ways. The first is through One Axe’s ice climbing course. It’s perfect or beginners and climbers of all levels. The second way is to become a member of Alpine Club of Canada. This option is ideal for climbers with the expertise to tackle the ice more independently.

Elora Gorge

Just a little further than Hamilton, One Axe also runs ice climbing classes at Elora Gorge. The gorge is a beautiful swimming hole in the summer, and absolutely gorgeous (pun intended) in the winter. Opposite the ice wall you’ll also catch views of the David Street Bridge coming over the frozen Grand River.

One Axe classes will set you back $200, but they include all of the equipment you’ll need to have a successful climb. They recommend you bring your own food, water and that you dress appropriately. Check out their calendar of availability here.