Icy Conditions Cause Complete Havoc on Brampton Roads

While you were sleeping drivers in Brampton were getting completely owed by winter driving conditions.

There were multiple collisions in Brampton, cars were in ditches, trucks were jackknifed, and there was a 40 car pileup on the 410.

Basically everyone got totally wintered. 10 points to Mother Nature.

It was all due to a band of patchy freezing drizzle and light snow. Environment Canada issued a weather advisory for Toronto and the surrounding area early Tuesday.

Brampton wasn’t on it’s own though. More than 70 collisions were reported across the GTA in just a two and a half hour period Tuesday evening.

Highways 401, 403, 427 and 410 were hit the hardest hit. The 40 car pileup on the 410 was the biggest collision however.

The slippery conditions prevented cars from stopping and the just slid into each other Peel Paramedics superintendent Jeff Walsh told CBC News.

No major injuries were reported, but lots of people were transported to hospitals in the area.

Police set up a temporary collision reporting centre that was busy well into the wee hours of the morning.