Get your maple syrup, flapjack lovers, and get ready to enjoy the world-famous short stack from the well-known pancake giant.  

The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is coming to seven locations in the Greater Toronto Area, the first of which is expected to open by mid-2020.

Pancakes, a.k.a. flapjacks, are the chain’s speciality. The American multi-national diner-style restaurant specializes in breakfast food, but its menu also offers lunches and dinners, including appetizers and entrées.

Vegans can choose from a variety on the menu, from butter-free hash browns, baked potatoes, fruit, fries, oatmeal, muffins and roasted veggies. Item changes like cheese-free omelettes are also available.

The “international” in the name is not because the chain is recognized internationally, though it has locations across the U.S., in Canada, Dubai (UAE), Mexico, Saudi Arabia and other countries, but because its menu features international dishes. IHOP once had pancakes from all over the world, including the Tahitian orange pineapple pancake, the Kauai coconut pancake from the Philippines, and the Persian pancake, and it still has a wide variety of internationally inspired meals.  

While IHOP is coming to the GTA, it is not the first time it comes to Canada. IHOP’s have scattered the nation since 1969, with the 2008 Niagara Falls location being of the most popular.

In fact, IHOP is celebrating its 50th birthday in Canada. “Canada was the first international market opened for IHOP,” said Steve Joyce, CEO of Dine Brands Global.

“Canada is a great strategic business choice for expansion outside of the U.S. for many reasons,” said William Urrego, Vice President of International Operations of Dine Brands Global, “including geographic proximity and great brand awareness.”

IHOP was behind creating National Pancake Day (March 7, 2006) on which they often perform charity drives. Customers are asked to donate to select charities instead of paying for their short-stack of pancakes. Through this, IHOP managed to raise $3.5 million for charities, from serving 5 million pancakes in 2017.

Al Lupin, Jr., founder of IHOP, who passed away in 2004, said he wanted his restaurants to have the feel of home – decidedly opting for a chalet-style building offering cozy atmosphere and friendly service.

These 15 IHOP’s in the GTA are expected to hire 900 people.