April is Sikh Heritage Month and celebratory events are happening across Brampton throughout the month. One such event is an immersive digital experience on Harmandir Sahib—the Golden Temple—in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The IN5Experium exhibit kicks off in Brampton starting April 16. The show was created to educate and offer a look into the history and beliefs of Sikhism.

The exhibit will be “an amalgamation of high-end multimedia technology” including 30,000 square feet of space featuring smart walls, motion sensor walls and over 40 projectors that will recreate the Golden Temple.

“The visually stimulating experience is sure to inspire, motivate and educate. For the devout Sikh, it’s about his relationship with the Guru, while, for others, it’s an enlightening exposure to a unique faith,” says the IN5 website.

The exhibit officially opens on April 16 at 70 Peel Centre Drive, just outside Bramalea City Centre. Tickets are $20 for adults ($28 on weekends) and $16 for students with a valid ID every day. Find out more about the exhibit here.