Does your neighbourhood look like the front of a snowy Christmas card already? No doubt winter seems to have hijacked fall this year.

The Weather Network forecast on Monday predicts a ‘classic Canadian’ winter ahead throughout Canada, including Ontario, with ‘harsher’ conditions, and early onset in fall, as well as persisting into spring.

The 2019-2020 winter forecast indicates of a long, cold and snowy winter season. Temperatures are expected to tip slightly colder than normal, and precipitation to tip slightly above normal quantities.

Storm tracks, affecting coastal provinces, are across the Pacific Ocean, a larger one coming in from across the Atlantic Ocean. The most active storm track, however, is inland, across the Great Lakes, bringing more storms and precipitation across Ontario, Quebec and the Prairies.

Southern Ontario, including the GTA, can expect plenty of polar vortex warnings, bringing with it more storms, including snow squalls and ice rain.

For more information see The Weather Network broadcasts.

Do all you can to prepare. Adjust your driving habits and allow for more time for travel. Ensure you wear appropriate winter gear as cold stress is common for early onset winter.