About a year ago, Toronto had an intense ice storm that caused a lot of damage throughout the city. With the heavy April rainstorm that occurred on Sunday now behind us, the GTA weather forecast will soon change for the better.

Monday started off with light rain at 3℃ leading into Tuesday with a high of 10℃ and a chance of showers. Wednesday should be mainly sunny at 8℃, with Thursday predicted to have a nice and warm high of 19℃. According to The Weather Network, we may see a 40 per cent chance of rain but even so, the weather will give us an early taste of summer this Thursday.

More rain and showers are in store for Toronto yet again this weekend as this Friday sees 15℃ highs and possibly over 15 mm of rain, showers on Saturday at 12℃, and a chance of rain on Sunday at 10℃.

The Weather Network states that Ontario won’t see much more warm and sunny weather until May. Being midway into April, we’re undoubtedly going to have our fair share of unpredictable weather in Southern Ontario. Thankfully we can look forward to some beautiful and sunny weather very soon.