July 15th, 2018 will be a day to mourn. After 15 years, Brampton’s Kingsley Chinese Restaurant will close its doors.

The announcement was made by Erica Ng on Facebook, sharing that she and her and husband, Raymond Ng, will be retiring.

The beloved Chinese and dim sum restaurant opened in 2003 in Kennedy Square Mall at Kennedy and Clarence. The restaurant, which seats a whopping 400 people, served the local Chinese community for weddings and special events, and served memorable meals for all of Brampton.

At first glance, it’s hard not to be astonished by the restaurant’s size. But as soon as you are seated, you go easily from the confusion of dim sum service to the enjoyment of a new dish. Kingsley has been a legendary location for Bramptonians to try their hand at using chopsticks and devour the delicious bite-size servings of Cantonese food alongside pots of fresh tea.

The Ng family originally opened Emerald Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga but moved to Brampton. To meet the needs of the local community when there was no authentic Chinese restaurant, they sold Emerald and opened Kingsley.

Initially the restaurant’s dim sum was a weekend treat, but due to popular demand, the Ngs eventually changed it to all-day service. The extensive menu includes popular items like “har gow” (shrimp dumplings), steamed pork buns, spare ribs, taro root dumplings and noodle wraps. On a rare weekend, you could be surprised with incredible deep-fried crab claw balls. Unknown to many, Kingsley also serves Peking duck as a specialty, which owner Raymond highly recommends. With only two weeks left, Bramptonist will say its farewells and enjoy a last meal.

In a closing love letter: to Raymond and Erica Ng, and the team at Kingsley Chinese Restaurant, we salute you and thank you for serving the community for fifteen years. Thank you for allowing us to share laughter, build memories and for providing Brampton a culinary experience that was unlike any other in the city. You will be missed.