Remember that time you got tipsy and ordered a Nicolas Cage pillowcase, a stately portrait of a monkey and a bunch of other unnecessary things online? Well, you can expect many more evenings of erratic internet shopping because the LCBO will be making home deliveries later this year.

MobileSyrup reports that LCBO will introduce an online store complete with home delivery service.

“The LCBO is moving forward by creating a best-in-class e-commerce open marketplace…. It will provide consumers with access to a wider variety of products, as well as the flexibility to order online and pick up products in store or have them delivered to their home. This new platform will be operational by mid-2016.”

All the details haven’t been hammered out yet, but the Ontario governement has made it clear they intend to streamline liquor purchases for consumers in the 2016 budget.

This will include in-store pickup and of course the long-awaited home delivery option.No longer will you have to battle it out for a parking spot just to get a bottle of wine before any major holiday, rejoice! Keep your eyes peeled for the rollout in mid-2016.

Get your drink on! Responsibly and legally of course.