Grocery Giant Defends Business Decisions as Customer Outrage Flares on Social Media.

Feburary 2, 2023 – As the close of January 2023 draws near, Loblaws’ much-maligned price freeze on No Name products is set to end.

The decision, announced last October, has been met with a wave of criticism from customers who feel the supermarket chain is to blame for the increasing cost of groceries.

Source: Twitter – @loblawco

The issue has been a topic of conversation on Twitter, with trending topics like ‘No Frills’ and ‘Galen Weston’ bringing out plenty of complaints. But Loblaws has been actively responding to the criticism, citing the rising costs of suppliers and flat grocery margins as the root cause of higher food prices.

The company also claims that they are not making as much money as people think, with a $100 grocery bill only netting them less than $4 in profit.

Source: Twitter – @loblawco

This has caused some to accuse the price freeze of being nothing but a PR stunt, suggesting that Loblaws was merely publicizing an annual freeze as a new policy.

Regardless, Loblaws Companies Ltd. reported an approximate 30 per cent increase in profits over last year.

The price freeze has been met with increasing outrage from customers, who are now turning to social media to voice their frustrations.

The grocery giant’s social media team has been hard at work defending the company’s controversial business decisions, but the influx of negative responses may prove too much to handle.

With the deadline of the price freeze looming, the future of Loblaws hangs in the balance.