February 26, 2024 – Are you a creative soul in Brampton eager to share your talents and build connections within the community? The Brampton Arts Organization (BAO) is on the lookout for local artists, curators, and arts administrators to lead Community Connects workshops, events, meetups, and programs for networking opportunities!

BAO is excited to welcome proposals from a diverse range of creatives across Brampton. Whether you’re an experienced artist or new to the scene, your ideas are valued. Shape the future of BAO’s offerings with your unique perspective and initiatives by running one of the Community Connects Workshop Series.

This initiative aims to promote learning, knowledge-sharing, and community building within Brampton’s arts and culture scene. BAO empowers local artists and creatives to develop tailored programming for the community.

What Projects Are Supported?

This year, the focus is on fostering community connections and social gatherings. While all arts and culture topics are welcome, priority will be given to projects that:

  • Support early to mid-career artists and newcomers to the arts scene.
  • Have a strong connection to Brampton and its surrounding areas.
  • Introduce fresh ideas that haven’t been previously run by BAO.
  • Empower and support underrepresented communities.

Think big! Examples have included:

  • Writers gathering in the park for creative exchanges.
  • Sharing and reviewing portfolios.
  • Hosting music mixers or open mic nights.
  • Engaging in poetry slams or dance workshops.

What’s expected of you as a Community Connects Workshop leader?

With the $1,250 budget you receive as a successful applicant, you have money to pay an artist (minimum of $500 artists fee), purchase materials, insurance, and any rentals that are required. The workshop is expected to be between 1 to 3 hours long and be able to handle 20 or more attendees.

If selected, you’ll need to:

  • Execute your project within the allocated timeline and budget.
  • Promote your project via social media channels.
  • Provide regular progress updates to BAO staff.
  • Document your initiative with written and visual records.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements and rules of the project here. The deadline to apply is March 3, 2024 at ​11:59PM!

Questions? You can now watch the Information Session for the Community Connects Call for proposals here:

About Brampton Arts Organization (BAO)

BAO, formerly known as the Arts, Culture & Creative Industry Development Agency (ACCIDA), is dedicated to nurturing, celebrating, and connecting the creative sector in Brampton. As a key partner in the city’s cultural vision, BAO offers various programs, services, and resources to support the arts.

Other BOA Programs beside Community Connects

Not looking to run a workshop? The BOA is also currently looking for artists of all types.

The City of Brampton is collaborating with STEPS Public Art to bring their CreateSpace Public Art Residency to Brampton. The deadline to apply is February 29, 2024, and you can learn more here.

The BOA is also holding the Brampton Film Screening and Networking Night and is looking for film submissions that are 10 minutes or less. The deadline for this opportunity is March 13, 2024 and you can apply here.

Finally, to coincide with Brampton’s 50th birthday, the BOA is selecting 50 interdisciplinary artworks from Brampton artists to showcase in Garden Square! Apply before March 3, 2024 here.

Visit the BOA website to see more opportunities and keep up to date on all things creative in Brampton!