Low-income adult and senior residents of Brampton can now apply for a subsidized monthly pass for Brampton Transit, thanks to a recently approved affordable transit program from the Region of Peel and the City of Brampton.

The price of passes under the affordable transit program are 50 per cent off. An adult pass, normally $124, will be $52 under this program. Senior passes, normally $52, will be $26 under this program. Brampton seniors who don’t qualify are still able to pay $1 cash fares.

Residents can check if they qualify for this pass, based on their after-tax income, on the Region of Peel website. Applicants have to live in Brampton, and must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or have applied to be permanent resident or a refugee.

Chart of income qualifications for low-income transit pass // Courtesy of Region of Peel
Chart of income qualifications for low-income transit pass // Courtesy of Region of Peel

Those who want to apply for the program can do it online or by calling 905-793-9200.

To qualify, one needs to have a registered PRESTO card (only registered cards can have concession discount applied to it), a Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (this is the paper the CRA mails or emails you after you submit your tax return), and a document that supports your income, such as a pay stub or ODSP statement.

Those who are newcomers, who don’t have the CRA document, can still apply by submitting a Confirmation of Permanent Resident, Protected Person Status, or Refugee Protection Claimant document.

When processed and approved, low-income residents don’t have to do anything special to buy monthly passes. Instead, they can simply buy it at any Brampton Transit terminal or on the PRESTO card website. The concession will automatically apply when buying in person, or there will be an option on the PRESTO website showing the discounted price.

The discount will only apply on Brampton Transit. While this is a Peel program, residents are only eligible to purchase discounted passes for the transit agency’s area they live in (Brampton residents working in Mississauga can’t apply for a discounted MiWay pass, and vice-versa). However, the PRESTO card will still be able to be used normally for other travel.

Once programmed, the discount will last a year. Like other discounts on PRESTO, residents need to apply and be approved every year. This ensures that the pass is being distributed appropriately.

More information can be found at Brampton Transit and the Region of Peel.