The City of Brampton is expanding and improving its marriage service offerings starting next month.

These changes will serve to align the city’s marriage services offerings with surrounding municipalities, and to make the process more accessible to applicants.

Some changes go into effect on December 1, 2019, and some in January 2020.

General Procedure:

As continued, before getting married in Ontario, applicants must obtain a marriage licence. The marriage license application form must be completed and signed by both the application and joint applicant, and submitted along with original documents required for both applicants.

Applicants do not need to make an appointment for applying for a marriage license. Provided that all documentation they submit is in order, the marriage license is processed and issued while they wait. Although both applicants are encouraged to attend, only one of the applicants must attend in person.

Licenses are issued at the City Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor, City Hall (2 Wellington Street West), from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Documents of Identification:

The identification requirements for the two applicants applying for a marriage license include one piece of primary identification and one piece of secondary identification, for each applicant.

The primary identification must be from List 1, and the secondary identification must be from List 2, or both identifications may be from List 1 only. Items in both List 1 and List 2 will change, effective December 1, to reflect the lists below:

List 1: Primary Identification required for marriage license application:

  1. Canadian Citizenship Card
  2. Canadian Record of Immigrant Landing
  3. Valid Canadian Government Refugee Document (with photo)
  4. Current valid passport
  5. Birth certificate

List 2: Secondary Identification required for marriage license application:

  1. Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  2. Citizenship Card from any country
  3. Permanent Resident Card
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Government issued photo card

French Canadian-issued Government Identification and divorce certificates will be accepted without English translation. No other French-only documents will be accepted without full translation.

Health Cards, Social Insurance cards, Study Permits, and Work Permits are not acceptable pieces of identification for marriage license application.

Some changes to List 1 and List 2, effective December 1, will include the Canadian Record of Landing, and the Canadian Citizenship Card moving from List 2 to List 1,

Simple Civil Wedding Ceremonies:

Effective January 2020, couples can book and appointment to have a civil wedding ceremony. The ceremony is a simple, non-religious way to exchange their marriage vows. Appointments will be available for booking on Tuesday or Thursday at City Hall (2 Wellington Street West).

For more information, visit the city’s webpage on marriage licenses.

Article has corrected address of Clerk’s Office, City Hall, from 1 Wellington Street to 2 Wellington Street, Brampton.