October 14, 2022


Mayor Patrick Brown is closing out his first term as Mayor and running for re-election on October 24th. A poll from the week of October 3rd by Mainstreet research shows Mayor Brown with a landslide lead in the Brampton Mayoral Race.

Brampton residents were polled, and the results show Mayor Brown will receive more than 2 of 3 votes cast for Mayor in the election with a commanding 66.1% of the votes.

With all Mayoral competitors tracking at 11% or less, Mayor Brown is leading closest runner-ups by 55.1%. Competitors: The poll results show that Vida Sagar Gautam ranks in at 5.4%; Bob Singh at 11%; Nikki Kaur, 10.8%, Prabh Kaur Mand at 2.7%, and Tony Moracci at 4.1% of the votes.

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Mayor Brown’s hard work supporting Brampton’s jobs and community safety have earned him accolades and strong endorsements for re-election from a range of labour stakeholders, including support from the Brampton Professional Fire Fighters Association – IAFF 1068 representing 500 fire fighters and support staff, Peel Regional Police Association, and Brampton’s Transit workers in Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1573 representing 965 drivers, part-time and full-time staff and the maintenance staff.

Frank Vani, President of ATU Local 1573, said they were endorsing Brown for his work supporting transit workers and labour during the past three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, working closely with ATU and front-line drivers to provide them options so that residents could get around the city, rather than firing employees based on vaccination status.

Earlier this week Unifor’s Local 1285 Executive, representing 3500 auto-workers at Brampton’s Stellantis-owned Chrysler Assembly Plant, also endorsed Mayor Brown’s re-election. In a video shared on Mayor Browns Twitter Account, Local 1285 Executive President Danny Price shared that they were supporting Mayor Brown for his strong advocacy to other levels of government to secure billions in investment for retooling and electrifying the plant, and protecting manufacturing jobs in Brampton.

With the support of so many frontline workers, whether in Transit, policing, fire safety or manufacturing, Mainstreet Research’s results make it crystal clear that this significant amount of support will translate into support at the Advance Polls on Friday Oct. 14 and Saturday Oct. 15, and election Day on October 24.