Mayor Patrick Brown was on iHeartRadio this week to discuss current issues, and naturally his latest drama with Ontario Minister of finance Vic Fedeli was a topic of conversation.

Fedeli filed a statement of claim in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on Wednesday for an $8 million lawsuit against Mayor Patrick Brown and his publisher regarding statements made in Brown’s recent tell-all book.

In the book, Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown, Brown refers to Fedeli as a suck, a political opportunist who is toxic, power-hungry and undemocratic. Fedeli’s statement of claim alleges the statements are “false and defamatory,” including comments about Fedeli’s character and issues with workplace harassment allegations against Fedeli, and a complainant who was paid off using public funds.

The statement of claim also says, “Fedeli has been exposed to hatred, ridicule and contempt, including on social media such as Twitter, and has suffered, and will continue to suffer, damage to his feelings and reputation.”

So what does Brown have to say about the lawsuit? He threw some shade by echoing the sentiments of his book in the radio segment this week saying, “[Fedeli] is a suck up, there’s no better suck up than Vic Fedeli.”

Brown also says the supposed lawsuit is nothing but a political ploy. “I actually haven’t been served, its only been given to the media. the fact that it’s been given to the media and not to the person he supposedly is gonna claim I think speaks to what this is all about.”

In the radio interview, Brown even alleged that some of the people around the Finance Minister were active in trying to ensure Brown didn’t win the mayoral race back in October. Brown won by a narrow margin of about 3,900 votes against incumbent Linda Jeffrey.

Media reports have confirmed that Fedeli did, in fact, have sexual assault allegations levelled against him by a staffer when Brown was the leader of the PCs. Brown has said in the past he isn’t entirely sure why Fedeli is proceeding with a lawsuit on claims that are true.

The drama all started when Brown released Takedown, which immediately started garnering negative attention from some PC circles, including from the premier himself.

When asked if Brown has regrets about the book, he says he initially received offers from publishers to release the book during the provincial election last May. Not wanting to disrupt the process, Brown made a deal to release the book in the fall, assuming he wouldn’t be re-entering the political arena for some time.

“Maybe it was too soon to have reflections on my time in politics given that I’m back in it so soon,” he says.

As for the lawsuit, Brown and his publisher Optimum Publishing — which is also named in the alleged lawsuit — say they plan to “reply appropriately.”