McDonald’s beloved Big Mac is turning 50 this year, and to mark the occasion, Bramptonians and others across the country could score the iconic burger for free.

McDonald’s Canada is introducing its only currency called the MacCoin. Starting August 2, 50,000 MacCoins will be redeemable at McDonald’s restaurants across Canada for one Big Mac.

So how can you get a MacCoin to redeem for a free burger? The limited-edition MacCoin can be won through a contest on McDonald’s Canada’s Twitter account, running until August 8. Local radio stations will also be giving them away.

“The Big Mac is a cultural icon and what better way to celebrate its continuing status than to issue a commemorative coin,” says Henry Nienhuis, President of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. “We all know what the Big Mac is worth to us, but giving it its own limited mintage official celebratory coin, expands that worth giving us a collectible keepsake as well.”

“The limited-edition MacCoin symbolizes the modern McDonald’s journey,” says Jeff McLean, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada. “As one of the most well-known and loved food items, the Big Mac deserves the global-recognition and celebration that the coin evokes.”