There’s just about nothing better than free stuff, it’s literally the best, especially when it’s free food. Thanks to National French Fry Day you can get your hands on some free french fries.

It’s not just any old fries though, it’s McDonald’s fries, and despite any health implications, there’s no denying they’re delicious.

This Friday, July 13th McDonald’s is giving away free medium fries to anyone who makes a minimum purchase of $0.50. Not a bad deal at all.

The offer is valid when you purchase anything on the menu, including their Summer Dollar Drinks. So for $1 you could be feasting on drinks and fires. Not too shabby as far as cheap snacks go.

You can also grab a sundae or McFlurry because we all know fries are better dipped in ice cream.

To take advantage of the deal you have to download their app. One it’s downloaded the free fries offer will be available in the “My Deals’ section.

Happy French Fry Day Y’all!