Razor Creative Solutions is a graphic design and presentation firm headed by president and art director Roberto Carreiro, who grew up in Brampton and went on to receive his degree from Sheridan College in Oakville. After working at various design firms and then serving as an independent consultant, Roberto started Razor Creative in 2001.

Not only has Razor Creative worked on many of the major festivals and events in Brampton, but it gives back to the community, too. In fact, Razor won the Brampton Board of Trade Mentorship award for 2017 and it continues its student mentorship program to help grow the professional skills of young people in Brampton.

Bramptonians are undoubtedly familiar with the visuals and branding created by Razor. The company has worked with local organizations like the Brampton Board of Trade, the Downtown Business Improvement Area, Big Brothers Big Sisters — among others. In addition to providing graphic design, multimedia/web design, and infographics to top-tier brands such as McDonald’s, Target, EB Games, and MAC Cosmetics.

Roberto learned storytelling skills through studying animation at Sheridan College, where he graduated from the Design & Illustration program. He later started doing presentations as a junior designer working with old-school 35mm slides. He says, “I love it when a client provides a project that has no images, but lots of facts and we take this information and turn it into a compelling story with visuals. This can take the form of everything from a big screen presentation at a large event to a simple infographic that creates something truly memorable.”

The appeal of doing presentation work for Razor Creative is “seeing how our visuals help executives and guest speakers shine on stage,” but Roberto adds “designing for non-profit events like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peel and The David Foster Foundation is the most rewarding as these charities truly make a difference in people’s lives.” 

Since recently acquiring his Registered Graphic Designer status from RGD, Roberto now understands the need for designers to adapt for accessibility across all media. “Accessibility enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the web and other media.”

Roberto hopes to see Razor Creative grow in two ways: one, by contributing to the design community and setting trends, and two, by increasing his company’s reach to non-profit organizations that give so much back to the local community.

The Razor Creative Solutions website says “Don’t ever assume there’s a limit.” Based on the approach Roberto and his team members’ have taken, it seems as if there are no limits to their success.