An independent report conducted by Deloitte shows that dissolving the Region of Peel could come with a hefty price tag, and Mayor Bonnie Crombie isn’t happy about it.

In leaked emails first reported on by Mississauga News Crombie accuses regional Chair Nando Iannicca of overstepping his authority by commissioning the report on regional governance in Peel.

Crombie says she was “very surprised to learn that the region of Peel had commissioned Deloitte to undertake a financial analysis to form the basis of the region’s position on regional government,” and that she and other city councillors were caught off guard.

The Deloitte report calls into question a previous report created by Mississauga city staff that Crombie has been using to justify a split from the region. Crombie claims Mississauga would save millions per year if the region were dissolved and it operated as a single tier municipality. But Deloitte says that report is “flawed” and doesn’t provide a full outlook.

In its report, Deloitte considers three scenarios: keeping the regional government as-is but with some efficiencies to save money, amalgamating the region making it once city, or dissolving the region making Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon their own cities.

The firm’s analysis found that dissolving the region would be the most costly option. Keeping the region intact and finding efficiencies would be the best option in terms of savings.

But Crombie says the report is being used to issue a position on behalf of Peel Regional Council on regional governance, one she and her Mississauga councillors don’t agree with.

“We have passed a motion on regional governance that is in opposition to the position offered by the regional chair. It’s important we get answers for our taxpayers to better understand who made decisions, when they were made and on what authority,” said Crombie.

Mississauga has made no secret of its position with regard to being tethered to Brampton and Caledon. The city has been attempting to exit the Region of Peel as far back as 2003.

Crombie says she and other Mississauga councillors were “shocked” when they found that the Iannicca had commissioned the report. Crombie is also accusing Iannicca of providing a copy of the report to Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown in advance.

Despite Crombie’s position on the Deloitte report, Mayor Patrick Brown pointed out last week that it proves Mississauga’s numbers are flawed.

Crombie has been touting $85 million a year in savings for Mississauga if it splits from the region, but the Deloitte report shows dissolving comes with a hefty price tag of more than $1 billion over 10 years.

The province is currently conducting a review of regional governments across the province and the ultimate decision on whether to dissolve the region, amalgamate or maintain the status quo will be left up to them.

The report will probably be discussed further at Peel Regional Council on April 11.