It used to be that if you had a filthy car, you’d either grab a bucket and sponge and clean that car yourself or, drive it down to the nearest car wash. Nowadays, you can have your car cleaned inside and out without ever leaving the comfort of your own home and one of the top local businesses providing this remarkable service is none other than the esteemed Detailing Knights!

Detailing Knights deliver on convenience by bringing the detailing and car cleaning services straight to the customer’s doorstep. Whether you’re at home or stuck in the office, this mobile service is equipped with the expertise and tools to bring your car to a show-quality level of detail.

They also boast a range of waterless and environmentally friendly cleaning products that achieve remarkable results relative to traditional water-based methods. These alternative products have been proven to cut down on both water waste and detailing time while still delivering on quality.

With just one glance, it may seem that this business is striving towards total and unrivalled detailing domination — and you wouldn’t be completely wrong. However, this company was founded on another vision. The owner, Ryan O’Neil, started this business to tackle social issues related to youth unemployment. Finding suitable work, at whatever level, can be a struggle for young people and the folks at Detailing Knights understand their plight.

To accommodate their environmental and social concerns, they qualified for a B-Corp certification. A B-Corp is a business that has met ‘high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency’.Detailing-KnightsThey continue to be driven by this noble goal today through their Be the Boss Boot Camp program. The program was launched to instil entrepreneurial and leadership skills to underprivileged youth to help them gain valuable experience in running their own business.

Detailing Knights believes that all youth should take a stab at running their own business at some point. And for those that have the motivation but lack the means, they want to offer a platform, along with proper guidance, to help young people realize their dreams. Find out more about how they’re helping young entrepreneurs here.

Across many testimonials, Ryan and his team are well received by the clients they’ve serviced. Among other things, they’re praised for their excellent service and some satisfied car owners have even claimed that their cars are as good as new.

With this service being plenty unique as it is, Ryan is a frontiersman in the area of waterless car washing. Their hope is that by demonstrating its functionality, people will understand the importance of going waterless. In doing so, they want to grow so that someday they may be recognized as the number 1 waterless car detailing company in the world and put Canada on the map for its water saving initiative.

Find out more about Detailing Knights here.