Mongo’s Grill is a Mongolian barbecue restaurant and a unique dining experience you won’t soon forget. In the middle of the restaurant is a giant, round, solid-iron griddle (it’s temperatures reaching up to 300 °C). That’s where your delicious, healthy meal is made. Seating is on one side of the restaurant and a giant spread of veggies, meats, toppings, and sauces line the other wall.DSC_7316-2We were greeted immediately upon walking in. The staff were attentive and during our meal the owner, Tony, came over to greet us which was cool. The spread of menu items can be a little daunting at first glance, but as new patrons our waitress took a moment to brief us on how the process works.  There are two options: enjoy a specific stir-fry or go for the all you can eat and try as many stir fries as your heart desires.

DSC_7300-2DSC_7199-2If it’s your first time, not to worry; they have menu cards to help you compose your stir fry. Or if you want to walk on the wild side, you can make your own combination. Once you select your ingredients (Vegetables, meats, sauces, spices) you saunter over to the grill and one of the chefs will cook it in just a few short minutes.DSC_7237-2 DSC_7245-2We stuck to the menu cards and chose the Chicken teriyaki and the Mongolian Taco Stir Fry.  The giant spread of fruits, vegetables, meats, sauces and spices can make hundreds of different stir fry options, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. The sauces were incredible. They had just about everything under the sun, we didn’t know how we would restrain ourselves to just a couple. There was teriyaki, mango, ginger, sesame, and so many more. Adventurous types would enjoy mixing a variety of sauces together.DSC_7282-2BRAMPTONIST TIP: Try and pile your bowl full but no more than 4 inches from the rim. Ingredients shrink on the grill. No big deal for those choosing the all you can eat, but if you’re getting just one stir fry you want to get your money’s worth.DSC_7226-2Mongo’s offers a variety of drink options, flavoured lemonades, smoothies, as well as a soft bar. We enjoyed a couple of refreshing flavoured lemonades.DSC_7339-2DSC_7326-2 DSC_7335-2You can also add unlimited soup and salad to your meal. The salad option are bountiful, they even have fruit if you’re in the mood for a fruit salad. The soups were varied; we enjoyed the wicked Thai soup which had a nice spicy kick to it. DSC_7293-2For dessert we indulged in the cookies n’ cream cake. It was a rich and decadent choice we all enjoyed. It was definitely a contrast from the uber healthy meal we had just enjoyed, but it was delicious nonetheless. DSC_7346-2Mongo’s Grill has gluten-free and vegan options and is open for lunch and dinner. It’s healthy, it’s quick, it’s delicious and the options are endless.  We’re excited to go back and test-drive other stir fry recipes and combinations


Mongo’s Grill
15 Gateway Blvd  (905) 458-7171

ATMOSPHERE--Casual restaurant, buffet

SERVICE–Very attentive.

RECOMMENDED-Mongolian Taco salad, wicked thai soup.

DRINKS–Soft drinks, a soft bar, flavoured lemonades, smoothies.

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN–Veg, vegan and gluten-free options.

PRICE–Stir frys start at $11

OPEN–Everyday from 11am to 1am. Fridays and Saturdays until 2am