The 410 is only just now recovering from recent construction but more road work may be headed Brampton’s way.

For the past few years, the 410 has been undergoing new work which causes congestion and general chaos on a highway already used by tens of thousands of commuters every day. 

New lanes opened just last year, and it’s done little to ease that congestion, but a recent report indicates that more work may be happening soon.

The province has retained a company to perform an environmental assessment study (EA) on the 410 to look at “improvements” from Mayfield Road all the way down to Eglinton Avenue.

The work would include the creation of a sub-collector system along Highway 410 between Derry Road and Courtneypark Drive. It would also include new ramps and widening at Courtneypark Drive, rehabilitation of the highway surface, and reconfiguration of the interchange.

The plan also cites work to be done at the overpass bridges at Courtneypark and Steeles Avenue.

The news comes on the heels of the province’s decision to cancel the proposed freight bypass which would have cleared up freight train traffic on specific train tracks to allow for two-way, all-day GO to Brampton and the rest of the Kitchener line. The province says it has a new solution, one that it hasn’t shared yet, that will bring two-way all-day service to the Kitchener GO line by 2024.

Critics are skeptical that the PC plan can deliver the same level of service that the freight bypass would have allowed for, and it’s sparked a larger conversation about public transit and providing Brampton commuters alternative travel options to get them to and from work — without adding more cars to the already congested 410. 

The report doesn’t provide any outlines of when the construction would start, but residents can offer their feedback for 30 days starting on February 14t. A design and construction report (DCR) is available at Brampton city hall.