Mayor-Elect Patrick Brown says there may be more transit funding coming down the pipeline for Brampton through the federal government.

On Monday night Brown tweeted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached out to express interest in “supporting Brampton’s transit infrastructure shortfall”.

“Both the provincial and federal government should make sure Brampton gets its fair share of transit dollars on a per capita basis,” said Brown in one of his tweets.

Brampton has always received considerably less than neighbouring communities when it comes to transit funding. In 2010 Brampton’s Zum project received $95 million from the federal government and $95 million from the province respectively.

Meanwhile, Grand River Transit in Kitchener/Waterloo received a total of $818 million in total from the province in the feds. Toronto’s Scarborough expansion received a staggering $3.56 billion. $660 million from the feds and $1.9B from the province.

In 2017, while many transit systems across Canada saw a decline in ridership, Brampton Transit became the fastest growing system in the country.

Brampton Transit doesn’t currently have any pending projects that specifically require funding, but there’s always room for improvement. LRT routes past Steeles Avenue are still being examined, and should Brampton eventually settle on a preferred route, funding would be required to build it.

There’s also the issue of Queen Street. Metrolinx released a benefits case back in 2013 recommending light rail transit. At the very least, the city may consider upgrading the current system to a genuine bus rapid transit.