There’s no doubt Mulcair is the most expressive of the federal candidates vying for Canada’s top job as Prime Minister. Trudeau’s got the good hair, but Mulcair’s arsenal of hilariously entertaining expressions sure keep things interesting. Here’s 11 reactions that are prefect for your everyday election problems.

When you really trying to lay down the law to get your friends out to voteqdhnp

When you’re forced to uphold a lengthy conversation with a Conservativeqbt98

When someone finally brings up free post-secondary tuitionqbtjd

When you’re just not ready to back down in a political squabbleqbux8

When a Conservative candidate gets caught peeing in a cup. #peegateqdibg

When you don’t want to admit to your NDP friends that you’re secretly voting Greenqbuc3

When someone says something real stupid like, “Maybe Quebec SHOULD be it’s own country!”qbt2e

When your daily tolerance for Duffy/Harper shenanigans is all used upqbthk

When you know that sometimes the only way to settle a political debate is to take it to the flag pole


When halfway through you find out your Tinder date supports the Libertarian Party of Canadaqbuq0

When you realize Oct 19 means Canada could have a new PM, and it’s so beautiful to think about.qbuns

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