Neighbourhood Watch Relaunches in Brampton

Neighbourhood Watch has officially relaunched in Brampton after a two-year hiatus.

It was dissolved after Safe City Brampton, the organization responsible for it, was ordered to dismantle by city council in 2014.

Now it’s being revived by Brampton Focus in hopes of making Brampton safer through grassroots help from representatives in neighbourhoods across the city.

Many of us remember Neighbourhood Watch from the days of our youth. Every house on the block was adorned with a sticker on the door notifying anyone and everyone that the program was in full effect.

Now the program has revamped with a new logo and is set to launch again in March.

Until then, Neighbourhood Watch Brampton will be piloted by the Heart Lake community in North Brampton, and other neighbourhoods can register for an information session to bring it to their area too.

More information can be found here.