New 5-Star Indian Restaurant Now Open in Brampton

In a low-key Brampton neighbourhood lies the city’s latest five-star restaurant, and it comes with celebrity status. Mayura the 27th restaurant by Master Chef India host Ranveer Brar, and his first in Canada.

Mayura’s management team are newcomers in Brampton. Their experience is vast, ranging from Vancouver to Yorkville, including some well-known Toronto establishments such as O&B and the Rosewater.


While Chef Brar varied the dishes among regions across northern India, we were determined to see his innovation on traditional dishes found in Brampton.

As faithful carnivores, we indulged in Nahli Ghosh, a classic lamb recipe from Hyderabad. The dish was fiery, rich, and flavourful. It had the perfect balance between cloves, ginger, cumin, and the salad of spices – though the lamb was the exquisite center of attention; the tender meat fell off the bone. The lone non-lamb eater at the table even tasted tested it and was instantly won over.

Our second dish was the Dal Mayura — otherwise known as dal makhani — came highly recommended. Yes, we’re talking about the typical lentil dish you see at every banquet hall and restaurant.

After 18 hours of overnight cooking, the dal was noticeably different, melting into a creamy consistency. The flavours were in total harmony: the earthy tones of the lentils blended pleasantly with the spices and the chili pepper. Simply put, it was traditional comfort food with more care and quality you’ll get at a typical restaurant.

For dessert, we had the gulab jamun cheesecake, a rosewater almond custard tart with paan ice cream and rose syrup glaze. The cheesecake was eaten within moments – it wasn’t overly moist, and the cardamom enhanced the dessert. As a rosewater fan myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the tart. The rosewater flavour was strong enough to become more than just an accent, and the paan ice cream was lightly sweet and refreshing.


We sampled three house virgin beverages: a classic mojito, a spicy Caesar, and an interesting concoction — a mango-cucumber martini.

The mango-cucumber martini was slightly tart, pulpy and refreshing. It was an amalgamation of a tropical mango-pineapple and a spa-like cucumber-mint. It pairs well with food.

The spicy Ceasar is perfect for the spice-happy, or for someone who fancies a change from standard cocktails.

The seasoning lining the cup had a clear citrus flavour (possibly amchoor, a spice made from unripe mangos) and heat. The actual drink had an extra kick of tobasco and a je-ne-sais-quoi.


Service followed suit with the rest of our experience, it was exceptional. Staff were friendly, helpful and offered great menu suggestions.

Mayura is no doubt a great addition to Brampton’s budding ethnic food tourism scene, with the added bonus of bringing more fine dining options closer to home.

Mayura is now open for lunch and dinner. We recommend making reservations.


200 County Court Blvd