Despite a tumultuous entry into the race, Patrick Brown managed to court enough Brampton voters to pull out a win.

Polls in recent days put Brown and Jeffrey as the frontrunners in the mayoral race holding about 40 per cent of the vote each. Brown won with a narrow margin of around 4% (as of this writing some precincts are yet to report).

Brown entered the race back in July after Premier Ford cancelled the Regional Council Chair election. In early July Brown took up residence in Mississauga and started his campaign for the position.

Brown’s residency in the city has been a point of contention for many voters — that and his past ethical violations. But Brown was still able to rally support and will make his political comeback here in Brampton.

Ward Races

Ward 1/5

Regional Councillor – Paul Vicente
City Councillor – Rowena Santos
Trustee – David Green

Ward 2/6

Regional Councillor – Michael Palleschi
City Councillor – Doug Whillans
Trustee – William Davies

Ward 3/4

Regional Councillor – Martin Madeiros
City Councillor – Jeff Bowman
Trustee – Kathy McDonald

Ward 7/8

Regional Councillor – Pat Fortini
City Councillor – Charmaine Williams
Trustee – Carrie Andrews

Ward 9/10

Regional Councillor – Gurpreet Dhillon
City Councillor – Harkirat Singh
Trustee – Balbir Sohi