New churro dessert bar now open in Brampton

Dipsidoo, a yogurt and dessert bar that just opened up at Bramalea City Centre is basically churro paradise.

The new little eatery has replaced Kiki’s Funnel Cakes on the upper level of the mall near Sears, and it’s got all sorts of desserts and treats.

The menu has a variety of churros that can be topped with just about anything you want — sprinkles, chocolate, kit kat bar, and all sorts of other deliciousness.

Another of their delicious treats is their Dipsi Sticks, which is essentially a light, airy waffle on a stick, also dipped like the churros in various sweet things. Their cookies ‘n cream Dipsi Stick is a great place to start. The best thing though? Their churro sundaes. You can get any froyo flavour with toppings, and of course as the name implies, churros too!

They have plenty of other menu items, including a froyo bar with fresh toppings, smoothies, crepes, frozen pops and a little thing called the waffle boat. The waffle boat is a great snack when you’re craving a Belgian waffle but don’t want the full monte. It can be topped with ice cream, fruit and all sorts of other toppings.

Now you have the perfect place to grab a delicious sweet snack in the midst of your shopping escapades. You can thank us after you’ve had the churro sundae.

Check out their website here for more details.