The much-anticipated Das Brezel Haus, located in downtown Brampton, has finally opened its doors to the public.

Instagram has been buzzing about the gourmet pretzel joint for months, especially when the pretzel shop doled out free cinnamon buns to the public a couple of weeks ago, giving us a little taste of what was in store.

The restaurant serves up traditional and Philly-style soft pretzels in a few flavours — salted, unsalted, and cinnamon sugar for starters. There are also some packed with cheese, including a mozzarella concoction and one that brings the Tex Mex flavours.

Pretzels range from $1.75 to $5.00 and can be enjoyed with a mustard dipping sauce. Das Brezel Haus even has three mustard flavours: dijon, sweet and smoky, and balsamic figs and date.

Coming soon to the menu is a ghost pepper pretzel that will pack a serious punch unless you’re really into spice. It expects to start offering them to the public in the coming weeks, and you should see chocolate dipped pretzels on the menu in short order, too.

Aside from the pretzels it also offer dark roast coffee, Americanos, cappuccino, lattes and espresso. Prices are modest, and the coffee lovers over here at Bramptonist only have good things to say about it.

Das Brezel Haus is located on McArter Lane off Main Street beside the Subway. Parking is located on Main Street, or in the back lot off Diplock Lane. Find out more about Das Brezel Haus here.