With great pleasure, we would like to introduce you to Brampton artist, Flexx Jasper. Felix Arthur Nyarko, 21, dropped his first EP recently. Just in time too, as winter has taken over the city, and Flexx aspires for his music to do the same. Even his clever cover art is a good foreshadowing of this body of work.

Felix’s alias, Flexx Jasper, is a flair of diction and depiction of his character. Flexx shares that Jasper was an addition to his nick name Flexx, after he discovered the commonality between him and millennial, iconic cartoon character, Theodore Jasper Detweiler, from Recess. Felix has always considered himself to be a born leader with strong work ethic.  Having only started recording music last summer, his EP is definitely a reflection of this discipline and boss mentality. The EP is a solid piece of work, 5 tracks, two of which were featured on Dawgs Wavin Vol 2 (Sometimes, Forever) and featuring artist YK, Classic, Zo Gawd and Century Stan.


Now, Flexx clearly experimented with a few different sounds, for example Sometimes—A Post Malone-esque, wavy sound, and They don’t get it, a melodic hustler anthem, sonically, lyrically, delivery wise, very different. Yet, in my opinion, they are two of the stronger tracks on the EP; proving Flexx has the potential to be a versatile and widely received artist.  On this EP his dynamic delivery, syrupy adlibs and sonically pleasing instrumentals are definitely worth noting. He shares that his carefully picked instrumentals were part of a collection he had way before he even started writing.

“I am just a big fan of music in general” – Flexx Jasper

Some of Flexx’s musical influences are, Sango, Sampha, PND (Party Next Door) and The Weekend. He also shared he is not only influenced, but is also inspired by artist James Fauntleroy’ s career. He admires the artist’s vocals, unique sound, and accomplishments, which he hopes to emulate in his musical career. Fauntleroy and Flexx also share an inconspicuous, and mysterious demeanour, which might be what allows one to be multifaceted as a musician. Difficult to categorize and in turn very interesting…


Speaking to Flexx, I also learned that he also has a strong passion for business and is responsible for the marketing aspect of his team OBCS (Only Bout Continuous Success). This is refreshing, as there are rarely hand outs in this industry, the North especially. With this being the first taste of what Flexx has to offer, we are anxious to see how he develops as an artist. Flexx lets us know that he plans to put out visuals soon, and we’ll be on the lookout for some shows in the near future!

Twitter: @Flexxjasper_