A bunch of new restaurants opened up in Brampton this past summer, and what better way to spend fall than taking some of them for a test drive? We’ve rounded up 7 new restaurants in Brampton worth checking out.

Baleadas Latin Food

Baleadas recently opened on Kennedy Road in the old RD’s Southern BBQ location. The restaurant serves up Honduran street food, including their delicious baleadas, a folded over corn tortilla filled with all sorts of delicious things like avocado, grilled beef, cheese, plantains and more. Baleadas is mostly a takeout joint as it has limited seating, but it’s great for grabbing delicious meals on the go. (47 Kennedy Rd. North)

Green Bites Dumplings & Tea Bar

Green Dumplings opened up in Brampton in July and they were a hit right off the bat. Their handmade dumplings are produced from a recipe passed down for generations and they can be enjoyed steamed or fried. The rest of their pan-Asian cuisine is also pretty good, including the Singapore rice noodles, which are a huge crowd fave in addition to the dumplings. The restaurant is chic and contemporary, so it’s perfect for a date night or hangout with friends. (35 Resolution Dr. #10)

Segovia Coffee

Segovia is only of the city’s only independent cafes, and it’s got its own unique flare. They import all of their coffee beans fresh from the mountains of Nicaragua, and they serve up delicious Latin-inspired eats including empanadas, brigadieros, alfajores and more. They also import Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, so you’re in for a sweet treat. (46 Main St. North)

Honest Restaurant

Popular Indian street food restaurant Honest opened their doors in Brampton in August — the chain’s first location in Canada. Lineups were spilling out the doors the first couple of weeks, and now things are starting to cool off so it’s a good time to head over. The pani puri, dal puri and bhel puri are all popular menu options. They also make their own ice cream fresh in the restaurant, and it’s a must-try. (1 Steeles Ave. East)

Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House is the latest Indian restaurant to join the city’s vast offerings. They offer the standard fare you’ll find at most including meat and veg curries. Their most unique menu offering is their biryanis and pulavs: they offer a whopping 45 different varieties. (8015 Financial Dr., Unit B8)

Fan D Flame

Fan D Flame is the city’s latest authentic Filipino joint. Their menu is a fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisine. They serve up halo halo, pancit and other Filipino dishes. They also offer the standard Westernized Chinese fare including sweet and sour chicken, beef broccoli, and more. (Unit 503-30 Gillingham Dr.)

Little London Cafe

Little London Cafe opened in Brampton in early summer and they know how to do comfort food. They serve up soups, sandwiches and other hardy, home-style food. Their handmade meat pies and sausage rolls are crowd favourites, along with their fresh-baked sweet items. If you’re ever in the mood for fresh cinnamon rolls, swing by Little London. (20 Polonia Ave., #110)