Brampton Transit

On April 11, The City of Brampton had its fourth Brampton Transit confirmed case when a transit operator tested positive for COVID-19. The last day that the Transit Operator worked was on April 7, 2020 on Route 23 Sandalwood.

People who have travelled on this bus route and are not developing any symptoms should continue to go on with their daily routines and not call Public Health. However, those who are developing symptoms should contact Public Health immediately.

For more info, read the full City of Brampton news release here.

Grace Manor

Four staff members and 16 residents at a retirement home in Brampton have tested positive for COVID-19. The outbreak, announced on April 11, is at the Grace Manor location of Holland Christian Homes.

In a letter from the company (which you can read here as a .pdf,) it stated that Holland Christian Homes is taking preventative measures with all residents self-isolating in their rooms and that all residents and staff are having their temperatures checked twice daily, as well as a check for signs of respiratory symptoms.

Foreign-Trained Medical Professionals

In a meeting on April 8, Brampton City Council approved of increasing local health care capacity by bringing in qualified, foreign-trained doctors to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brampton City Council approved and supported letters written by Mayor Patrick Brown and Councillor Charmaine Williams to the province. The city will also share council’s motion with other cities and communities throughout Ontario, along with a request of support to Ontario Minister of Health and the Premier of Ontario.

“Across the province and in Brampton, there are thousands of foreign-educated doctors and nurses who are ready and willing to jump in and support on the frontlines of the COVID-19 emergency,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “As numbers of confirmed cases continue to rise each day, we cannot afford to not tap into this talent pool – it’s a matter of saving lives.”

“Brampton has taken the leadership in this cause. We are now calling on other cities and towns in Ontario to join us,” said City Councillor Charmaine Williams, Wards 7 and 8. “Healthcare professionals who show up each day to help fight this pandemic deserve our praise but they also need our help. We must give these workers the support they need by allowing qualified, foreign-trained doctors to join them on the frontlines, not on the sidelines.”

Feature image – B.E. McGowan Photography