By the Numbers

In the Province of Ontario the number of COVID-19 cases as of the morning of April 29, 2020, was 15,728. There have been 996 deaths and 9,612 cases considered officially resolved.

In the Region of Peel the total number of cases as 2,403 as of April 29. The number of deaths is 99 and the number recovered officially is 259.

In the City of Brampton the total cases as of the same date is 1,050. The number of deaths is 25 and the number of officially recovered cases is 110.

Working Group on Reopening the City

In a media release released on April 22, the City of Brampton has announced a Mayor’s Working Group that will go over plans to reopen the city’s facilities and resuming all programs and services affected by COVID-19 while at the same time looking over the health and safety of residents in the community.

Medeiros, along with Brampton Emergency Management Office, will lead the group in order to focus on reopening city facilities in a safe and measured way. They will also help guide the specialized COVID-19 task forces during the phased return to help residents, businesses and employees.