The stress of our daily lives can be hard to handle, and sometimes little things can make a big difference. The organization experts at EaseUp think there is a frequently underestimated connection between organization and mental health. This Brampton-based company wants to help people improve their lives by helping them make sense of chaos.

EaseUp, a group of organization professionals, helps clients declutter, downsize, clean and overall organize their living and work spaces.

While the thought of embarking on the task of going through the belongings of a recently-deceased family member can be overwhelming, improving your mental health can be as simple as organizing one junk drawer or the hall closet.

Getting organized can also help rid you of that nagging feeling of anxiety you get every time you think about all the boxes of old photos under the bed or the dozens of unsorted digital photos on your computer.

“Getting organized delivers a sense of being in control of your life, feeling measured, effective and calm. These improved feelings consistently inspire positive behavioral changes such as greater productivity, better eating habits and less ‘retail therapy,’ all of which can lead to lasting feelings of happiness,” says Lindsay Whisen, one of EaseUp’s founders.

There is powerful psychology behind cleanliness and organization. Studies have found a direct correlation between messy and cluttered homes to fatigue and depression.

Not only can reducing clutter decrease anxiety and stress, it can also improve our cognitive abilities and our sense of well-being.

Organization can start as small as decluttering one room at a time, maybe the most used, to make it easier to find the things you use regularly.

It doesn’t have to be done alone though, that’s where the folks at EaseUp come in. They can take the dread and the drudgery out of it all by taking the reins and whipping your space into shape. In today’s world of side hustles and entrepreneurship, it may be well worth your time, money and mental health to allow someone else to help.

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