Online Grocery Shopping Pickup and Delivery in Brampton

Online grocery shopping is becoming a lot more popular in Canada and lately many people find it essential. With Amazon’s intent to expand its Fresh service into Canada, lots of other grocery companies are looking to step up their game too. Sobey’s plans to launch this year, and Metro and PC have expanded their services. Here are a bunch of online grocery shopping services in Brampton that will deliver directly to your door or give you the option to pick up in-store.


Online grocery shopping from Metro is available in Brampton as with the other chains and you can learn more about it at their website here:

PC Express

PC Express is a pickup service with a ton of options, including transit area pickups, neighbourhood pickups, store pickups, and more. They also have a delivery service powered by Instacart (see below for more on Instacart).

Grocery Gateway

Grocery Gateway has had skin in the grocery delivery game for a long time so it’s a reliable option, and their customer service is stellar. You can’t count on the lowest prices here, but they do have daily deals and they’ll get your groceries to you on time. Plus, since it’s owned by Longo’s you’ll have access to some of the delicious stuff you can only get there.

Wal Mart Grocery

Wal Mart offers all of their in-store grocery items online at their low prices. In just a few clicks you can customize your grocery list, place your order and pick a time to get it at the store, all ready to go, or place an order for delivery.

Fresh City

Fresh City delivers farm-fresh organic produce and other grocery products to your door. You can order your items as separates or choose from pre-built bags. Pre-built bags can even be customized to fit your needs.


Cartly is a Brampton-based startup delivers groceries to your doorstep. Their focus is on ethnic groceries, but they have a wide variety of products and at great prices.


Instacart shoppers go to local stores to get your orders and bring them to you. You can learn more right here.

Coming Soon

Sobeys Voila

Sobeys plans to launch its delivery service, Voila, in spring 2020. You can join their email list here to get news about the service when it comes online.

Amazon has yet to launch their Amazon Fresh service in Canada, though there’s been lots of talk about it coming sooner rather than later. In the meantime, their Canadian website has tons of non-perishable grocery items and products that you can have delivered to your door. Some products even have the option to add a subscription so they’ll be automatically delivered every so often without you having to think about it.

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