May 19, 2022

By Kuwarjeet Singh Arora, Contributing Editor

With the formal dissolution of the provincial legislature on May 3rd by Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, at the request of Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Leader Doug Ford, the 2022 election campaign is officially underway.

In Ontario the election will be held on June 2nd between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Candidates in 124 ridings across the province are in full swing of their formal campaigns.

Up until the night of June 2nd, thousands of Elections Ontario workers will be helping eligible residents cast their ballots. Here are different ways Bramptonians can vote in the upcoming elections:

Advance voting locations:

Residents of Brampton can vote at any advance voting location in their electoral district between May 19th and May 28th. You can vote at these advanced polls from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A voter must show their ID to an election official to verify that they are on the voter list, just as they do on election day. In case they are not on the list, they must sign a declaration and will be added to the list.

Voting by mail:

An application for voting by mail is available. Residents who successfully requested to vote by mail will not be able to switch to another voting option.

The application deadline for voting by mail is 6 p.m. on May 27th. Once the vote by mail
application has been reviewed and approved, a voting kit with a ballot will be mailed to residents at the mailing address provided.

According to Elections Ontario, a completed voting kit must be received by 6 p.m. on June 2nd in order to be counted.

In order to vote by mail, people will need to complete a vote by mail application and provide a copy of at least one piece of government-issued ID.
They can apply to vote by mail through an online application or by downloading and printing an application.

If a voter decides to print an application, they must complete and sign the forms and submit a copy of a government-issued ID that shows their address and name. If they do not have such an ID, then they can present a government-issued ID that shows their name and one proof of name and residence from a non-government entity, like a utility bill or a pay stub.

They need to submit their printed application through email to or mail it to Elections Ontario, Special Ballot, 51 Rolark Drive, Toronto, Ontario M1R 3B1.

A person can choose to use the prepaid envelope to return their voting kit or to drop it off at their local returning office once they receive it. International postage is the responsibility of that outside of the U.S.

Voting at Home:

There are a number of reasons why people may request a home visit, including the inability to travel to the polling location due to a disability, the inability to read or write, and the inability to complete an application form.

A voter may be visited at home by two election officials who will bring to them a kit to assist them with the process. Voters must present one piece of photo identification and complete the application form in order to cast a ballot.
To request a home visit, people would need to contact their returning office.

Voting in hospitals:

Electoral officials will visit hospitals and bring voting kits to people who are temporarily
confined to them during a three-day hospital program being held by Elections Ontario.

The voter must provide one piece of identification and complete the application form before receiving a ballot. Their hospital bracelet can be used as proof of name and address.

Students living away from home:

Students living away from home and studying in Ontario can vote in the electoral district of either their home address or where they are studying school.

Elections Ontario says on-campus voting is only available for students living on campus, and that all voters will need to bring ID.

Students studying outside of Ontario can vote by mail or register as absentee voters. An absentee voter would be automatically sent a voting kit to vote by mail from May 5th to May 27th.

Brampton Candidates

You can find out what riding you are in by entering your postal code HERE.

Brampton North

Candidate namePolitical partyElectoral district
BAUMAN, JULIAOntario PartyBrampton North (010)
DHADE, ANEEPGreen Party of Ontario GPOBrampton North (010)
FUSSEK, JERRYNew BlueBrampton North (010)
MALHI, HARINDER K.Ontario Liberal PartyBrampton North (010)
MCGREGOR, GRAHAMPC Party of OntarioBrampton North (010)
SINGH, SANDEEPOntario NDP/NPDBrampton North (010)

Brampton East

Candidate namePolitical partyElectoral district
BAYER, MICHAELNew BlueBrampton East (009)
BLACKWOOD, JAMAALGreen Party of Ontario GPOBrampton East (009)
GAREWAL, JANNATOntario Liberal PartyBrampton East (009)
GREWAL, HARDEEPPC Party of OntarioBrampton East (009)
SINGH, GURRATANOntario NDP/NPDBrampton East (009)
STARK, PAULOntario PartyBrampton East (009)

Brampton West

Candidate namePolitical partyElectoral district
JHAJJ, RIMMYOntario Liberal PartyBrampton West (012)
KAUR, NAVJITOntario NDP/NPDBrampton West (012)
PARDY, DAVIDNew BlueBrampton West (012)
SANDHU, AMARJOTPC Party of OntarioBrampton West (012)
SEKHON, MANJOTOntario PartyBrampton West (012)
THORNHAM, PAULINEGreen Party of Ontario GPOBrampton West (012)

Brampton South

Candidate namePolitical partyElectoral district
BARRETT, ANDRIAOntario NDP/NPDBrampton South (011)
ESPINOZA, INESGreen Party of Ontario GPOBrampton South (011)
MOL, MIKENew BlueBrampton South (011)
PAKZAD, MEHDINone of the Above Direct Democracy PartyBrampton South (011)
RAPHAEL, MARILYNOntario Liberal PartyBrampton South (011)
SARKARIA, PRABMEET PC Party of OntarioBrampton South (011)

Brampton Centre

Candidate namePolitical partyElectoral district
HUSSAIN, SAFDAROntario Liberal PartyBrampton Centre (008)
MATUSIAK, KATHRINNew BlueBrampton Centre (008)
SINGH, SARAOntario NDP/NPDBrampton Centre (008)
TYE, KARITSAGreen Party of Ontario GPOBrampton Centre (008)
WILLIAMS, CHARMAINEPC Party of OntarioBrampton Centre (008)